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Good day.

We are a company manufacturer and exporter of lumber.
We are located in the northwestern part of Russia. In the Vologda Oblast, famous for its forests and wood quality.
Our wood is suitable for the needs of almost loving use. It can be used both in construction and in the decoration of houses and premises.
The lumber that we offer meets the most stringent standards of Russian GOSTs. Wood products manufactured by us are of only the best quality.
We provide customers with phytosanitary certificates and certificates of origin for all our products.
We export only the highest quality lumber. But we also have lumber of lower quality and lower price.
We also make deep processing of lumber, producing facing panels, lining, blockhouse, planed lumber and more, you can specify in more detail by contacting us.
We are always happy to meet new partners and strive to expand the geography of our supplies.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Posted 12/20/2019

So this long-awaited and fabulous moment is approaching.
May all adversity and debate remain this year.
Let everyone have the next year the same as ours - this one!
Happy new year to all of you.

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Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted 11/16/2019

Sorry for the inconvenience.
At the moment, the site is under reconstruction.
Information about us can be found in the social. networks.
We apologize again.

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New Post Title

Posted 11/16/2019

Now you can find out approximate prices for our sawn material. Visit our store.
Prices are indicative and may vary both up and down.

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